i miss my home planet
hi i'm frankie
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it’s 1:13 in the morning and kristin just texted me and asked if i would let damon albarn fuck me in the ass

i said i wouldn’t but im thinking about it and i feel like i might let him try 

youre both sick anal loving freaks 

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I just got distracted by a beautiful gif set of niall while I was walking and almost ate shit

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um my work is so rude they asked me 2 stay later than scheduled and i said yes don’t they know i have better things 2 do

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I got a connection on tinder with a hot boy I know from high school 2 bad he’s a dick…doesn’t mean I don’t want his dick tho

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"sooooo ‘freddie cowan sweaty ass’ didn’t bring up any results"

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"wait, you find pierre trudeau sexy? that’s the lead singer of simple plan, right?"
frankie showing off her vast knowledge of canadian prime ministers (via baiolicious)
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"i’d kill jesus. i’d kill him again."
kristin is a psychopath (via baiolicious)
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ahh thats awesome! where are you thinking of going?

george brown!!!!

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i think i know where i want 2 do 2 college?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool B)

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